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How To Dispose Of Hand Sanitizer In Singapore?

How To Dispose Of Hand Sanitizer In Singapore?

Hand sanitizers have become an integral part of daily hygiene practices, serving as a frontline defense against the spread of germs. Proper disposal of hand sanitizers in Singapore is crucial due to the potential hazards associated with their high alcohol content. Follow these guidelines to ensure responsible disposal:

Empty Bottles:

If the hand sanitizer bottle is empty, dispose of it in the regular household waste or recycling bin, depending on the material of the bottle. Check for recycling symbols on the label.

Partially Used Bottles:

If there is still some hand sanitizer left in a partially used bottle, it’s advisable to use it up following the recommended guidelines. If only a small amount remains, consider using it for personal hygiene until it’s completely used.

Expired Hand Sanitizer:

Expired hand sanitizer should be disposed of properly. Do not pour it down the drain, as hand sanitizers often contain flammable alcohol and can have environmental impacts. 

The National Environment Agency (NEA) recommends the following disposal guidelines:

For Small Quantities (Household/Personal Use): Place the expired hand sanitizer bottle in a garbage bag, seal the bag, and dispose of it in your regular rubbish bin or through the rubbish chute.

For Bulk Quantities (Companies/Commercial Use): Contact a licensed toxic waste collector to arrange for professional and compliant pickup of expired hand sanitizers.

It’s essential to adhere to these guidelines to ensure that disposal is done in an environmentally friendly and safe manner. In case of uncertainty, contact NEA or refer to their official website for the latest information on waste disposal regulations. Responsible disposal practices contribute to a safer and cleaner environment.